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Friday, 31 January 2014

Trading ideas update - McDowell, TataSteel, Relinfra, Jublfood and more - 31 January 2014


In January 2014 I gave some trading ideas relating to McDowell, TataSteel, Sail, RelInfra, Jublfood etc.

McDowell, and Steel shares trading ideas are super hit and some stopped out, but all stop loss were quite close. Gains surpassed losses.

Check archive for more.

Anjum S Khan

Nifty February 2014 series strategy for 3rd February 2014 - 31 January 2014


Derivative quote Nifty february 2014 series is 6116 at 31 january 2014, 1:58PM.

Nifty is trading higher on the first day of new series.

At the time of this writing it is up +18 points.

In accordance with previous post, today spot Nifty hit 6097.30 which is just short of 6100.

Advice for traders

Sell Nifty and Tatamotors.

More is updated in our blog :

Develop the habit of reading our blogs daily 3 times a day at least, once in the morning, then during market hours, and then before going to sleep.

Wishing you great trading success !

Anjum S Khan

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Nifty February 2014 series analysis forecast for 31 January 2014 - 30 Jan 2014


After many twists and turns Nifty finally closed below 6100 on expiry day.

Entire series expiry can be tracked at . 

Low turnover couldn't avoid today's fall. Low turnover are fragile enough to give proper support for support levels. Global cues were responsible for todays fall otherwise today Nifty was expected to trade between 6100 - 6200.

We are now in selling time band which will be in effect until 4th Feb 2014. This was mentioned on 26th January 2014 in forecast blog : .

Downside target is 5962.

Feb 2014 series will expire above 6200

Arrange funds and wait for 5962 to be hit. I will also post trade in trade blog. .

Last trade hit stop loss today. Although on 29th Nifty hit 6170 giving gain of 40 points in futures. But 6200 wasn't hit and trade finally stopped out.

Nifty Feb 2014 series future should give a bounce on 31st January 2014.

Levels : 6125, 6108, 6050, 6000

Strategy for traders

Trader should use any bounce on 31st January 2014 or on 3rd Feb 2014 for short positions for Nifty spot target of 5962.

Anjum S Khan

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Nifty january 2014 series update 29 january 2014


Buy any decline today.

Nifty surely will fly.

Conservative traders can opt for Feb 2014 series nifty.

11:33AM, 29 January 2014

Anjum S Khan

Nifty january 2014 series analysis forecast for 29 january 2014 - 28 Jan 2014


Today Nifty tanked 40 points and then rose sharply albeit unexpectedly to close above 6100. 

Clearly nifty is manipulated to close higher up on january 2014 expiry.

Traders are advised to buy Nifty for 2 days with stop loss of 6085 spot for target of 6200+.

Time wise Nifty will be in bear grip until 4th Feb 2014.

So after moving higher up, it is expected to fall back to todays low of 6085.

Just in case if you are not seeing the forecast section and other sections, make it a habit to check them regularly. See the top links of this blog .

Anjum S Khan

Nifty Trade sub blog started


Today another sub-blog of TrackNifty website, has started.

This blog will provide excellent high probability nifty trades.

Check it out. 

Anjum S Khan

Monday, 27 January 2014

Nifty forecast section started


Another sub-blog of tracknifty starts today in the form of forecast section.

This sub-blog will give advanced time and technical based forecasting for Nse Nifty / Indian stock markets.

Make sure you read it regularly and especially during start of the month / series.

Enough back testing is done with historical data before bringing this section into existence.

Check it out :

Anjum S Khan

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Nifty 27 January 2014 analysis forecast - 24 January 2014


Nifty does a googly today. Dollar index cracked, and INR depreciated. A pattern we havent seen long back. My view of sharp decline in dollar was correct but with INR it didnt work out.

INR is depreciating sharply and global markets too.

Long side breakout is now a distant dream for quite some time.

Trade on the short side now.

Levels would be 6216, 6139.  Stop loss would be 6300 - 6358.

Keep a close eye on EXPIRY blog till expiry for tracking Nifty January 2014 expiry levels.

Time wise 30 Jan 2014 - 5 Feb 2014 would be clear cut bearish.

Anjum S Khan

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Dollar Index and Nifty co-relation exposed - 24 January 2014


This is an interim update for . 

Dollar Index has cracked by a massive 1%.

In recent times when this happened was 17Oct 2013, and 18Sep 2013, and on both these occasions, Nifty on the other day rallied by more than 2% each. 

Right now EURO is zooming like a rocket, but INR for some unknown reasons is showing some minor depreciation.

Conclusion : Buy 6400 CE tomorrow on gap-down blindly.

Anjum S Khan

Nifty 24 January 2014 forecast - 23 January 2013


Nifty today inched further up towards 6400. 

6400 strike today showed further weakness.

It will be broken surely.

A closing above 6400 is questionable. 

Dollar is cracking badly today, so INR should appreciate today.

FII equity figure is encouraging, but derivative figure is so-so.

Tomorrow is last trading day of the week, so 6400+ levels are more likely as 28th Jan 2014 is RBI policy day.

Anjum S Khan

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

JUBLFOOD, JindalStel ( Jindal Steel ) analysis January 2014


JindalStel is forming an amazing pattern.

It is expected to zoom very fast up or down. 

Breakout will be huge. 

Buying side trade is more advisable with stop loss of 254.

Its results are scheduled for 28th January 2014 which is same date on which RBI policy would be announced.

JUBLFOOD is presently at a very important level of 1165. 

Buy it with stop loss of 1130 for targets of 1214, 1238+. Chances of break down below SL is very less. 

Anjum S Khan

Nifty January 2014 series analysis prediction - 22 january 2014


Nifty January 2014 series analysis for 22nd January 2014

Today Nifty reacted sharply towards downside making low of around -20 points and reacting sharply from there.
Nifty today makes new swing high of 6349 surpassing last swing high made 4 days back at 6346. 6400 puts are written off and now sitting at new series high. DIIs today didnt show any interest at all in selling at higher levels adding more fuel to the upside fire. 6415 coming soon. Derivatives + Equity segment data is encouraging for one more momentum.

Nifty January 2014 series forecast for 23rd January 2014

Tomorrow Nifty traders can target 6382 spot and 6400 future targets. 6400 spot/future level can be used for exiting longs for this series. 

Advice for traders

Traders are advised to exit longs when 6400 fut/spot is hit and wait for higher levels for shorts. 

Announcement Strategy section is starting from today. It can be reached at .

Anjum S Khan

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Nifty January 2014 series analysis forecast - 21 January 2014


Nifty January 2014 series analysis for 21 January 2014

Today Nifty made high of 6330 and reacted sharply from there. I was expecting new swing high from there in this momentum but it fizzled out. FII equity+derivative turnover was in contrast to yesterday's data. BankNifty today shined, but IT index didnt show up. The upside pressure by banknifty was offset by IT index downside pressure.

Nifty January 2014 series forecast for 22 January 2014

Swing charts have formed now a bearish pattern which should drag nifty to 6254 - 6224 levels. Rupee is sliding now, today after indian markets closed it made low of 0.85%. So, targets are likely to be achieved tomorrow.

Advice for traders

Traders are advised to take long positions near 6254-6224 with stop loss of 6200 for target of 6330 - 6350. 6415 can come but today's fizzle-out has brought back some confusion. But that is market, we have to take timely corrective action rather than fighting with market.

Anjum S Khan

Monday, 20 January 2014

RANBAXY, RELIANCE update, analysis - forecast for january 2014 - 20 January 2014


Reliance analysis

Today Reliance fell 1.7% to close at 869.75. Traders are confused regarding their long and short positions. 

Reliance will expire below 900. Range seen 900 - 845. 

Chances of any pullback towards 900 are only 10%.

Ranbaxy analysis

Ranbaxy is trading at a very crucial level near 398.

Buy it with stop loss of 397, for targets of 426, 437.

High probability trade. Chances of hitting stop loss only 5%.

Anjum S Khan

Nifty January 2014 series analysis forecast - 20 January 2014


As calculated in previous post , today Nifty shot up nicely.
6300 forming as a solid base. 

Upmove going to have more momentum tomorrow onwards.

Nifty january 2014 analysis for 21st January 2014

Today FIIs bought 223Cr worth stock futures which can be short covering or fresh buying. As we are approaching expiry, this spree of stock future buying can bring sharp upside.

Stop loss for longs now 6280, targets 6415, 6440.

Enjoy new highs.

Anjum S Khan

Expiry and Multibagger verticles started


I have added expiry, and multibagger verticles to my website.

Check these :

Expiry blog will provide nifty expiry guidance throughout the series.

Multibagger blog will provide timely recommendation for potential multibagger candidates.

Anjum S Khan

Friday, 17 January 2014

Nifty January 2014 series analysis forecast - 17th January 2014


Nifty today 60 points to close at 6261.65. 

In swing charts it is forming a bullish harmonic pattern.

Based on this pattern  it is expected to hit 6400+ levels by 21st January 2014.

Today FIIs were net buyers in stock futures and in equity segment too FII + DII combined bought equities worth 216 Cr. 

Stop loss for longs is 6220, Target 6415.

Nifty likely to remain rangebound between 6415 - 6280 until expiry.

Anjum S Khan

Buy RELINFRA (Reliance Infra) - 17 January 2014


RelInfra is forming a bullish pattern. This harmonic pattern is very reliable pattern and is very bullish.

CMP 400.65



TIME FRAME 2 months upto 18 March 2014.

Anjum S Khan

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Nifty January 2014 series analysis - 15 January 2014


Today Nifty zoomed further 79 points after yesterday's pause.
Yesterday was inside day after day before yesterday's sharp 100+ closing. Inside days are mostly continuation patterns. 

Today 6400 Puts saw further writing after yesterday's writing. Big writing of 6200 and 6300 puts are adding fuel to upside. 6400 PE already indicating 6415 coming soon.

January 2014 series is likely to expire between 6300 - 6400 according to current build ups.

Nifty after scaling highs is likely to trade sideways for the rest of the series.

Make sure you trade in narrow range.

See your tomorrow !

Anjum S Khan

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Nse McDowell - United Spirits - Sell trading call - 15 January 2014


McDowell ( United Spirits ) analysis / forecast

McDowell is forming a bearish pattern in charts.

Stop loss is only 2789.

Target 2649, 2576

Sell it now, as it is right at top, and chances of fall are 99% sure.

Anjum S Khan

Nse Steel shares update analysis forecast - TataSteel, Sail, JindalStel, JswSteel - 14 January 2014


Steel shares are getting a beating in January 2014.

Here is an update level wise for some frontline steel shares : 

1. TataSteel

Bear stop loss = 393.5, Targets = 368, 350

2. Sail

Bear stop loss = 68, Targets = 62, 60, 58

3. JindalStel

Bear stop loss = 261, Targets = 240, 220

4. JswSteel

Bear stop loss = 1042, Targets = 934, 847

JindalStel and JswSteel shares have not started their down leg yet, once it starts, it can be very severe. Keep an eye.

Anjum S Khan

Stocks update - Buying candidates - Petronet, Dlf, ITC analysis


Petronet is giving very good short term buying setup.
CMP 117.5, Stop loss 116, Target 120, 124

DLF today fell after yesterday's up move and closed at 157.
CMP 157.15, Stop loss 156, Target 163, 170, 175

ITC will become a strong buy above 328.
CMP 324.45, Buy above 328, Target 340, 350 with stop loss of 326.

Anjum S Khan

Nifty January 2014 series analysis forecast - 14 January 2014


Nifty after yesterday's sharp up move today cooled off.

6400 Put saw fair amount of writing for the first time in this series.

6232 is the level to watch for.

Below 6232 bears will have upper hand.

Nifty has taken its time to form a base at 6139 which was highest monthly open historically.

Time wise , bear pressure was upto 15th January 2014.

So from tomorrow until 29th January 2014 it will remain in bull side time wise.
Technicals are also supporting this view. 6232 remains your stop loss for longs.

Strict long positions exist only above 6280.

Happy Trading ! 

Anjum S Khan

Hi folks ! I am back !

Hi !

Happy new year 2014 !

I am back with my newest version of your beloved website

I went offline for some reasons.

Now I am back with fresh zeal and new outlook.

I have fine tuned my trading system a lot, and now I would be using Time based strategies too alongwith Price based strategies.

Cheers !

Anjum S Khan