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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Nifty February 2014 forecast update 1 - 23 Feb 2014

This is an update for Forecast and Advice for Traders section of .

Nifty forecast for 24 Feb 2014

Nifty is likely to make a sharp dip from its open price and bounce back sharply. This bounce if doesn't come tomorrow then on 25th Feb 2014 it will come surely towards open price of 24 Feb 2014. This can be summarized as range-bound on 24 - 25 Feb 2014.

Personally we are expecting a flat closing with Nifty remaining unstable both at high and low.

Advice for traders

Sell any open for target of 6100, 6080. Sell only below 6133.
Buy any decline towards 6100, 6080 for target of 6133.

Traders can try both or try buying the decline.

Anjum S Khan