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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Nifty February 2014 series analysis forecast update for 5 feb 2014 - 4 Feb 2014


As mentioned in my last post, and in other blogs , Nifty found buying support below 6000 levels and achieved my target of 5972 easily.

Yesterday I posted about un-usual FII+DII pattern , and today what happened is history.

We at tracknifty use many such insider patterns.

Now nifty should slowly rise towards 6100 levels.

Long position holders can hold their positions with todays low as stop loss.

Today was last day for bears as per our time forecast mentioned here

Now Nifty should remain range-bound as mentioned in our Nifty February 2014 forecast.

Broader range should be 6133 - 5972.

Advice for traders

Hold your long positions for 6100+ levels.

And read our forecast carefully and trade with your own money management.

Today we made 55 points in our intraday buying :

We have made 198 Nifty points so far along with 30-100% options gain. Our 6100 PE today made high of 198.

Anjum S Khan