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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nifty february 2014 series analysis forecast for 6th Feb 2014 - 5 feb 2014


Nifty February 2014 series derivative quote : 6048.95

Nifty february 2014 series analysis for 5th Feb 2014

Nifty found temporary bottom today after making a positive high yesterday, probability  about which was discussed in nifty education blog :

FII were net sellers in equity segment and DII are now buying.

Derivative segment too saw FII selling in both index and stock futures.

Our stock idea was good enough as even though ICICIBANK and HDFCBANK didnt hit targets but ICICIBANK remained flat, and HDFCBANK gave good profit despite remaining miles away from targets. TATAMOTORS hit target and closed above our target. 

Stock ideas were discussed here :

If you are holding any of these stocks , you can keep holding till targets are hit or upto 7th Feb 2014.

Nifty february 2014 series strategy/forecast for 6th Feb 2014

We are now in time band of rangebound movement as written in february 2014 forecast in nifty forecasting blog :

Ideally nifty should form opposite of U formation ie; first rising and peaking out near 7-8th Feb 2014 and then falling back to make bottom near 12th february 2014.

Broadly nifty levels of 5th and 12th should be same more or less. 

Advice to traders

If you are holding long positions, exit if Nifty rises towards 6062 and try to buy again if it retraces back from there.

Trade flexibly in nifty february 2014 series, dont take any aggressive long or short positions as written in strategy blog :
Nifty is very nicely following our forecast written before the start of February 2014. So sticking to the forecast and strategy will prove fruitful.

Anjum S Khan