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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Nifty forecast for general elections 16 May 2014 aftermath


Every one wants to cash in on 16 May 2014 election results in every possible way.

First we would like to mention here that we mentioned our forecasts in the start of the May 2014 itself regarding several points.

Now things are shaping up that way slowly.

We are expecting 15th May 2014 to be a down day with Nifty closing near day's low. And on 16th May 2014 Nifty should rise sharply in the first session and then dip sharply as we progress towards the ending session. Even if 15th May doesn't pan out as we expect it to, then also we are firm on our view for 16th May 2014.

We will frame our strategy accordingly tomorrow and day after tomorrow.

Anjum S Khan