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Friday, 27 June 2014

June 2014 month performance at a glance

Below is our trading performance for the month of June 2014 in the free segment.


* Commodity profits are converted to their NG equivalents.

4.98% of Natural Gas is more than 13  points per lot, which means we have made more than 15K in this series in NG per lot.

All trades are posted in front of every one. Check yourself. 

And in paid segment, we started off very well, but later on 23rd June 2014 onwards, profits got back to zero in both F&O segment. We didn't expect markets to keep contracting its range entire month, instead we were expecting markets to form a base above May 2014 zone and move from there on higher up.

We managed to make very good profits in free segment as markets were good in the start of the series and we stopped trading after making good profit.

We will provide good trading ideas entire July 2014 series in our blog. So make sure you read all our blogs daily and don't miss anything we post including on twitter.

Only we can provide quality ideas for free and publicly. Can you tell any one analyst who gives such ideas for free in front of anyone, series after series ? 

We also won Dukascopy Social Trading competition by finishing up 4th for May 2014 series.

Do you know any indian analyst who won international contests.

Paid clients have taken two positions for July 2014 series. Hurry up ! 

Anjum S Khan