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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Nifty view and forecast for June 2014 series expiry day on 26 June 2014


Fingers crossed !

Every one is puzzled for tomorrow's expiry day.

Things are highly unclear based on data.

When data fails, our empirical analysis comes to rescue.

Based on our empirical analysis on 26th June 2014 Nifty should close +76 points exactly.

And based on our neural network analysis, it should close positive in line with the current broader trend.

On the eve of expiry day, things haven't turned out for reverse to happen.

So forget downside, only upside for tomorrow.

For more clarity see our advance forecasts which we made month back.

Just in case we get any early morning low, buy 7550 / 7600 CE June series for big gains.

We have mentioned 3 levels for trading June 2014 series expiry day in our blog :

Anjum S Khan